Dog and his owner reunited after two years!!!

Added: 08/02/2012

A microchip made it possible for a dog and his owner to reunite after two years, A Labrador bitch was probably stolen. A man recognized his dog on the street in Łomianki near Warszawa and reported it to the police.

"Two years ago the man and his family looked for a lost few months old puppy for a long time. The owner wasn’t sure if the dog had been stolen or just escaped", said Mariusz Mrozek from the press office of Police Headquarters in Warsaw.

The met by chance...

"Yesterday on the street he noticed a man walking a Labrador. The dog recognized its master and started to fawn up for him. When he said that this might be his lost dog and wanted to go a vet to check the microchip, the man walked away to a nearby property", recounts the policeman.

Police officers went to that house but the dog was gone. "They did find the new owner and eventually found the dog. The woman said she had bought the dog two years before at a market", explains Mrozek.

Thanks to the police intervention, the dog, its former and current owner were taken to a vet. The veterinarian read the microchip and confirmed that the Labrador belonged to the previous owner.

ID your pet

In Warsaw and its surroundings you can chip you pet for free. In order to microchip the dog, its owner needs to fill in a form for electronic identification, show his ID, vaccination certificate, pedigree or another confirmation of ownership. Additionally, dogs need a valid rabies vaccination certificate.

After chipping, the owner receives a confirmation of electronic ID. Dog and owner's data is entered into Safe-Animal International Database.

Micro chipping prevents animal homelessness and helps determine pet's owner if it gets lost. When the animal is found, a special reader can read its chip number. This number can be checked in the e-database to determine who the owner is.

The dog is not going to feel it

The electronic microchip with a coded, unique number, is as large as a grain of rice, so it won't bother the animal. Nor will it cause allergic reactions. It is injected under the skin on the neck or between shoulder blades. Electronic ID is a legal requirement if you want to travel in the EU with your pet.

Since 2007, 40,000 animals have been chipped in Warsaw.


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