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Added: 20/04/2012

Here's another part of Rafik and his new family's story. When Rafik got back to his owner, he escaped again - and once more he ended up at Agnieszka's. Despite attempts to get in touch with the original owner, the dog hasn’t been collected yet.

Agnieszka volunteered to take care of the dog and we sincerely hope that Rafik finally found his home. We would like to thank Agnieszka for her determination and willingness to take Rafik in - especially given the fact she already has a pet.

Here's the continuation of this story, as told by Agnieszka.



This is how the Rafik's story continues. We found the dog again and his owner contacted us from a new phone number. We set up a meeting to hand the dog over, but the owner didn't show up. Since then he hasn't been answering the phone and replying to text messages.

Having no contact with the owner, we texted him to inform that we'd keep Rafi - there was no attempt to fight for the dog, no contact so far. Because we had to buy toys, leash and bowl for him to feel at home, we postponed the vet appointment and will go to the vet after Easter. During the visit we will read the microchip number, get him a booklet and do whatever the vet recommends (the owner didn’t give us the vaccination certificate, so we will need to pay for injections that might not be actually needed). Rafi gets along really well with our other dog so it's really cheerful around the house. Rafi is really smart and it's easy to see he was missing human interest and playing. Once we know Rafi's chip number, we'll contact you and ask to officially list us as his new owners.

In my opinion, there should be a database with such owners so that they couldn't take another dog from a shelter or buy from a breeder.

Supposedly, the owner's number is (.....) but he doesn't answer our phone calls. He knows our numbers, but if he left the dogs with us for the holiday and didn’t call back, we assume he's not interested in picking him up. Rafi has received a new vaccination cdertificate, all necessary injections and lots of toys. He's very obedient and doesn't escape. It seems he only needed a bit of attention to make him happy again.

Please find attached a photo of our happy family :)


Best regards,

Agnieszka Janiszewska


Here’s the first part of the story - http://www.safe-animal.eu/index.php?id=5&news=107


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