Rafik returned home

Added: 10/01/2012

One July day my husband and I went for an evening walk with our dog, Max. It was before 10 p.m. We passed other owners with dogs we knew, but suddenly we were approached by a dog we had never seen before. It was medium sized and black. He wiggled its tail in a friendly manner, so we stroked it and wanted to go home, but the dog started following us. At the beginning we thought it was having a walk with an owner - the dog had a collar, so we looked around, expecting to see its owner nearby. But there was no one to be seen.

The dog kept following us. We decided to put it on our dog's leash and take a tour around the neighborhood to see if anybody's looking for it. Unfortunately nobody seemed to recognize the dog.
In the meantime we thought the dog might be hungry, so we went into a shop and bought some sausage. We learnt from the cashier that the dog had been wandering around since that morning and nobody knew its owner. We fed it and the dog came back to life. We decided to go back to our house all four of us and let the dog drink - it must have been thirsty if it roamed the streets for so long.

We brought our dog, Max, home. I went downstairs to give "Blackie" some water and food and he loved it. We could see gratefulness in his eyes. We were afraid to take it home for the night - our dog has always been an only dog and had a trauma for other dogs (he had some rough time before he got to us). We tried to call the street wardens' office, but it was futile as it was almost 11 p.m. The police was not an option - they don’t handle this sort of things. We had no choice - either we leave the dog outside or risk it and take it home. After an hour's deliberations we decided to take "Blackie" home. I was having some days off so the dogs wouldn’t be alone in the apartment.

It turned out that Blackie knew what beds are for so we slept together - all four of us - although Max wasn't particularly happy about that. My husband took both dogs for a walk and fed them. I was responsible for a second walk and dinner. After a couple of adventures, both dogs found a place for them, and we fell in love with Blackie. When my husband came from work, we took Blackie and drove to a veterinary practice to check if the dog had been micro chipped. It had, and we found its owner in SAFE-ANIMAL database (www.safe-animal.eu). It turned out that the owner visited our neighborhood with his dogs after work, and Blackie (who turned out to be Rafik) was returned to his master safe and sound the very same day. Our Max was relieved, we missed Rafik a little, but we saw how glad he was to reunite with his Master.

Agnieszka and Patryk Janiszewscy from Murowana Goślina


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