PSI LOS Foundation cooperates with SAFE-ANIMAL

Added: 01/02/2012

SAFE-ANIMAL International Data Base started to cooperate with the Joanna Krupińska Foundation "Psi Los". As a result, the Foundation can register data in SAFE-ANIMAL free of charge. Foundation's website features new functionalities for pet owners which allow them to check animals’ status in SAFE-ANIMAL and register them for free.

The details of this cooperation can be found at:

Below you’ll find an outline of Psi Los Foundation, which we received from Mr. Andrzej Jaworski, the president of the Foundation board.

Psi Los Foundation was established in 2011 by volunteers from a Shelter for Homeless Animals in Kraków, people closely connected to animal lovers' portal "Chwila dla Pupila". The portal has been helping homeless animals and pro-animal organization since its creation.

Psi Los Foundation's aim is to provide comprehensive help to homeless and hurt animals. It achieves its goals by supporting shelters (especially the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Kraków), running adoption campaigns and gift collection events, promoting responsible and humanitarian treatment of animals, and lobbying in favor of regulations that would secure the wellbeing of animals. We cooperate with Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami, Radio Kraków and "Chwila dla Pupila" website. We organize classes at schools, where we teach humanitarian approach to animals. We participate in works of a team in the Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki which coordinates implementation of a new animal protection act, controls the conditions in shelters, helps to train the police and street wardens for situations in which animal protection act is violated.

We buy medical equipment and drugs for the shelter in Kraków, we organize successful adoption campaigns and charity events. We also offer help of trainers and behaviorists who counsel about animal adopted from shelters.


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