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Added: 14/02/2012

On 13 Feb 2012, at around 8 a.m. my husband went for a walk with our dog. After a while our pet was let loose so that he could run freely. My husband knew Tongi was running just behind him, so he turned into a narrow street that led to a green square where Tongi would run. After a few steps my husband turned around to check if the dog was following him. When he saw that wasn't the case, he went back to the main road. There was no sign of our dog. My husband ran to the alley they regularly took when walking the dog, but Tongi was nowhere to be found. He was looking for the dog for about an hour asking passers-by if they’d seen a small dog, but no one was able to help.

As it turned out later, at that unfortunate moment a bus pulled in and many people got off. Tongi didn’t follow my husband, who turned into the narrow street leading to the square, but instead he ran after the passengers who headed towards another street, perpendicular to our street. We didn’t go there very often, so Tongi couldn't find his way back. Probably he ran and ran until he reached a supermarket. There were many people there and Tongi was running around, looking for my husband. Fortunately, there was a man walking his dog. He noticed that another dog is running alone without its owner so he took the dog home.

When my husband came home after the search, I called my son, the owner of the dog, who was abroad at that time. He reminded me that we had the dog micro chipped in the second half of 2010. I called our veterinary practice, where I was given SAFE-ANIMAL phone number. Since then, everything went really fast. SAFE-ANIMAL gave me the chip number so I could put it in notices about our missing dog.
A man who read it called us and gave the address where the dog could be picked up. Okey, it was a notice in the street that helped, not on the Internet, but still I think that the microchip number would have been very helpful in other circumstances.

We were very worried and anxious, fearing that we might not find the dog or that it might not survive the night. It was a horrible experience, luckily with a happy ending. Shortly after his return, Tongi "had an argument" with our granddaughter’s kitty Cayenne, then he chased a ball and most of all he was happy to be in the right place.

SAFE-ANIMAL, thank you for all your guidance, kindness and help.

Best regards,

Irena Maria Trocka



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