Gdańsk signs an agreement with SAFE-ANIMAL

Added: 15/03/2012

Gdańsk is another city that decided to transfer its data to SAFE-ANIMAL. The agreement signed by the municipal authorities with SAFE-ANIMAL meant that 35,824 entries from a few years of dog micro chipping were entered into SAFE-ANIMAL database. Following the example of Warszawa, Poznań and Łódź, Gdańsk registered data in the International Database. Everybody agrees that it is a huge success of SAFE-ANIMAL. Now the citizens of Gdańsk who have micro chipped their dogs can rest assured: data registered in SAFE-ANIMAL International Database means significantly higher chances of finding a lost animal. Secondly, dog owners can now edit their data. They only need to create an account and assign the data to their profile.

The supervisor of the project is Radosław Lubiatowski. We are very grateful to him.


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