Koło launched a micro chipping campaign.

Added: 27/03/2012

On 1 March 2012 the Municipal Council in Radom decided to introduce an electronic dog register. Registering dogs became obligatory.
During the micro chipping procedure, an electronic microprocessor is implanted under the animal's skin. It is a one-time and free-of-charge procedure. The implanted device contains a 15-digit number associated with data registered in the electronic database SAFE-ANIMAL.

Every dog owner is required to chip and register their dog. After purchasing a dog, the owner has to chip it and register within 30 days of the purchase date or within first 6 months of its life.

Electronic chips contain details such as: breed, dog coloring, name and age, as well as personal details of the owner. The information helps find a lost dog even when we're abroad in the EU countries. Reading the data will be possible even long after the animal dies.
Where can you chip your pet?

1. "Cztery Łapy" Veterinary practice Agata Ambroży - Bęgier
18/2 Opałki Street Koło
phone 691 979 383
2. Animal Clinic Przychodnia dla Zwierząt in Koło S.C.
65 Bogumiła Street, Koło
phone 63 272 11 32

3. "Wilczek" S.C. Veterinary practice
18 Leśna Street, Koło
phone 603 057 572

4. "Baraczek" Veterinary practice Krzysztof Barocha
30 Sienkiewicza Street, Koło
phone 502 359 419


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