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Added: 30/03/2012

Radom has launched a dog chipping campaign. The city prepared 4,000 microchips. Dog owners can bring their pets to every veterinary clinic in Radom.
Micro chipping prevents animal homelessness and helps quickly determine pet's owner if it gets lost. When the animal is found, a special reader can scan its chip number. This number can be checked in the e-database to determine the owner.

The spokesperson of the Municipal Office in Radom, Katarzyna Piechota-Kaim says that dog owners will be able to use all animal clinics in Radom. A list is available on the city's website. Every clinic can chip 200 dogs free of charge.
The purchase of 4,000 chips was financed by the city. Dog owners will pay only for the procedure, i.e. approx. 15-20 PLN. If you want to chip your dog privately, you need to pay approx. 50 PLN. The campaign will last as long as chips are available.

Once the dog is chipped, the owner registers it in the Municipal Office, and pet's details are transferred to SAFE-ANIMAL International Database, which contains information about chipped animals and is a member of the EUROPETNET database.

Veterinary clinics, the Municipal Office and street wardens will be equipped with chip readers.
The animal identification act, which imposes obligation to microchip and register pets in the database, was vote through in September last year. Piotr Stępień, a spokesman of Street Wardens in Radom informed that in the first half of this year wardens will only inform dog owners about legal requirement to chip them. In the second half of the year, however, an owner of an un-chipped dog will face a fine of 500 PLN.

The electronic microchip with a coded, unique number, is as large as a grain of rice. According to a vet, Katarzyna Zwierzchowska, it doesn't bother the animal, nor will it cause allergic reactions. It is injected under the skin on the neck or between shoulder blades. Electronic ID is a legal requirement if you want to travel in the EU with your pet.

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