In Radom you can microchip your dog for free

Added: 04/04/2012

Almost all veterinary practices in Radom wanted to take part in the micro chipping campaign. Pet owners will need to bring their dog for the procedure and register it in the Municipal Office.

Information campaign about the need to microchip dogs has already been launched in Radom. The Municipal Office persuades the citizens of Radom that registration will allow owners to quickly find their lost pet. “Currently 20 out of 24 practices in Radom have declared their willingness to participate in the micro chipping campaign. Other practices will be able to join the project any time, as long as there are still microchips available”, explains Ryszarda Kitowska from the Municipal Office's press office.

Like a grain of rice
A chip (called also a microchip, transmitter) is slightly larger than a grain of rice. It is injected under skin by a vet - in the neck or between shoulder blades. The procedure is safe, almost painless (similar to an ordinary injection) and doesn't cause allergic reactions. The chip does not disturb the dog at all. “This small device contains an electronic integrated circuit and an antenna sealed in a glass capsule. It prevents bodily fluids from flowing into it. The capsule is sterile, safe for dogs and covered with a layer that prevents the capsule from moving around”, explains Ryszarda Kitowska. Each chip has a unique 15-digit number.

Registration in the Municipal Office
You can microchip your pet in veterinary practices in Radom. 2,600 microchips will be available in local clinics. The cost of implanting a chip is 15 PLN. However, if you decide to buy the chip on your own and ask the vet to implant it for you, you might need to pay 40-100 PLN. “Owners can't buy the chip and implant it on their own", explains Ryszarda Kitowska. Owners are required to register their pets in the Environment and Agriculture Department in 30 Kilińskiego Street (room 303). Owners need to file a written form (available to download from with the name, address, phone number and the breed, sex and color of the dog. Data will be stored in the electronic database of Safe-Animal (

There will be fines
Ryszarda Kitowska explains that membership in Safe-Animal gives the owner a lifelong registration of their pet and 24/7 access to data which allows them to quickly inform about found dogs. While registering, the owner has to show their ID (or other document with a photo) as well as dog's vaccination certificate. To microchip the dog, its owner must present a rabies vaccination certificate. The vet will confirm that the dog has been micro chipped by sticking a sticker with a microchip number in the vaccination certificate. We remind dog owners that lack of a microchip and failure to register it in the Safe-Animal database is an offence that can result in a 500 PLN fine. When you buy a dog, you need to chip and register it within 30 days. The campaign starts in Radom on 1 March.

Street patrols
At the beginning of March, streets in Radom will be visited by an eco-patrol. The car will be equipped with dog-catching equipment which allows safe transport to a shelter or clinic. 12 street wardens will take part in the eco-patrol - they have been trained by specialists from Warsaw Zoo. They will look out for dogs and cats, but also for wild, stray animals in the city, such as snakes or foxes. Intervention requests may be reported since 1 March via emergency number of Street Wardens - 986.

A list of veterinary centers - here you can chip you pet
• Veterinary center „Kosman” Piotr Kosman, 23A/2 Czarnoleska Street, phone 509 484 941
• Animal Clinic „Animal” Paweł Ostrach, 23 Warzywna Street, phone 48 340 23 24
• Veterinary center „Ustronie” Marek Szulga, 5 yścigowa Street, phone 48 366 75 77
• Veterinary clinic „Grimf-Vet” Grzegorz Futera, 6A Królowej Jadwigi Street, phone 48 333 11 64, 601 280 477
• Veterinaty Clinic for Cats and Dogs „As” Krzysztof Półtorak, 25B Wolność Street, phone 48 362 60 13
• Veterinary center Maciej Kowalczewski, 3 Malinowa Street, phone 48 384 75 21
• Veterinary clinic „ABC Uni-Wet” Jacek Napieraj, 11 Batorego Street, phone 48 363 33 37, 601 383 183
• Veterinary center Janusz Kowalczewski, 7 Orląt Lwowskich Street, phone 48 344 62 11
• Veterinary center Bartłomiej Majcher, 99 Słowackiego Street, phone 48 363 15 21
• Veterinary Clinic „Zwierzyniec” Michał Giżka, 3E Wyścigowa Street, phone 606 727 904
• Veterinary Clinic „Cztery Łapy” Marcin Kuszaj, 19/21 Struga Street, phone 508 289 757
• Veterinary Clinic Wojciech Ciszewski, 2/12 Sucha Streeet, phone 602 473 565
• Veterinary center Tomasz Nadgrodkiewicz, 91A 11 Listopada Street, phone 601 280 500
• Veterinary Clinic „Pankracy” Karol Chłopecki, 1 Maratońska Street, phone 694 674 533
• Veterinary practice „Pupil” Dorota Pacek-Jaśkiewicz, 12A/4 Pamięci Katynia Street, phone 501 857 564
• Veterinary practice „Pankracy” Sebastian Bednarski, 1/1 Maratońska Street, phone 48 331 52 76
• Veterinary practice „Reksio” Mariusz Amroży, 15A Królewska Street, phone 513 635 804
• Veterinary practice „Pankracy” Magdalena Lachowska, 1Maratońska Street, phone 48 331 52 76
• Veterinary Clinic "Centrum Zdrowia Zwierząt” Katarzyna Zwierzchowska, 17 Miła Street, phone 48 389 00 38, 600 040 336, 600 040 677
• Veterinary practice „ABC Uni-Wet Michałów” Michał Napieraj, 1/8 Mieszka I Street, phone 695 160 185


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