Free dog micro chipping in Dębica with SAFE-ANIMAL

Added: 27/04/2012

The Municipal Office in Dębica, CITYVETS - Dębickie Centrum Weterynaryjne (Veterinary Center) and OTOZ Animals Dębica starts free dog micro chipping campaign on 14 April.

To be eligible for free dog micro chipping, you need to:

bring your dog to CITIVETS Dębickie Centrum Weterynaryjne, 10 ks. Nosala Street (Czerwona Torebka arcade),

fill in a form for electronic dog identification (directly at CITIVETS),

show owner's ID to confirm residency in Dębica,

show vaccination certificate, pedigree or other document to confirm the ownership of the dog,

show confirmation of valid rabies vaccination (in case of lack thereof, you may vaccinate your dog for a fee during your visit, just before micro chipping).

Free dog micro chipping campaign will last until CITIVETS will have run out of all the microchips.

For additional information about the campaign, contact:

CITIVETS Dębickie Centrum Weterynaryjne - phone: (48) 14 687 61 26 -

Monika Rojek-Kałek, head of enterprise department in the Municipal Office in Dębica - phone: (48) 14 683 81 16





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