Mateusz Sawrymowicz - SAFE-ANIMAL ambassador - an interview for Głos Wielkopolski

Added: 28/05/2012


I would like to set the same time in London as the one I achieved in the European Championship in Szczecin. I assure you I'll do everything to win, but I don't know what shape my opponents will be in. I'll continue my preparations in the US - says Mateusz Sawrymowicz, Polish hope for the Olympic Games in London. Last week, one of the best Polish swimmers visited Termy Maltańskie and took part in the Polish swimming championship.

Are you happy with your 400-meter performance during Polish championship in Poznań?
Although it's not my favorite distance I had hoped to win. Unfortunately I didn't feel well just before the start. I must have planned my meals wrong, which resulted in some small problems. It bothered me a little. Moreover, Michał Szuba is a very serious opponent, he swims well and I really appreciate his class. This year I didn't dazzle with my 400-meter performances. It's all because of my preparations for the Games. I work on my strength, so my dynamics is below par. This is a consequence of recent trainings. I know what must be improved and I don't need to worry about it much. I'm looking forward to the 1500-meter competition - this is my favorite distance.

Before the competition everyone hoped for a similar result to the one from Szczecin. After all, it was only a few days after the European championship. How do you feel about the level at the Polish Championship?
Organizers are partly right, but on the other hand this event is not comparable to the European championship. That's why the attitude, focus and the atmosphere are a little different. A few days ago the atmosphere in Szczecin was slightly better. Fans came to support us, and there were no shortcomings. Still, I think results in Poznań should be equally good, or even better.

Polish championship is the first event of this type organized in Termy Maltańskie. What’s your opinion about the venue?
We all swam here for the first time. The pool is brand new. The whole center is huge, I was really impressed. Undoubtedly, lots of different swimming competitions can take place here. On the other hand, I did notice some things that could be improved. I mean the sound system and result board that wasn't fully visible and I couldn't see it properly from a distance. In Szczecin, a lot of money was spent on such equipment, 4 million I guess. In Poznań - less. There was also a slight delay of the start time - that was bad because everyone is prepared to start at a particular hour and warms up. Nevertheless, it is a modern, interesting pool which can host even world championship. Perhaps I noticed these minor shortcomings because I'd taken part in more prestigious events.

In Europe, in 1,500 meters, you had no serious competition. Can we hope that Olympic Games in London will be just as successful?
I'll surely do everything I can to make that happen. I cannot guarantee I will win, though. This is a promise I won't give because Olympic Games have this habit of unveiling new rivals who were much, much slower a few months ago. I think I will be able to swim 1,500 meters in the same time as in Szczecin, but I don’t know if that'd be good enough for my rivals.

What are your plans for the next few days?
Now I am at the Polish Championship, before that I also took part in competitions. After that, I will need to maintain my good shape. Christmas and New Year period is going to be a little different with some time for relaxation, but then I'm going to start to work hard once again. There are two trainings scheduled for every day of the week. The trainings take almost five hours daily. Only Saturdays and Sundays leave me with a little more time to unwind. I'm bound to feel the Olympic preparation in every muscle.

So far you have trained abroad. Is it more convenient?
In mid-January I am going back to the US, where I'll continue my trainings. I think highly of training there. There's no monotony and the training methods of the coaches really suit me. Also, I had to resign from training in Poland due to health issues. I have sinus trouble which leads to headaches. It bothers me. It seems that the Polish weather isn't good for me.

From: Głos Wielkopolski  


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