Warta Goldena Foundation

Added: 01/06/2012

Another foundation that will enter into cooperation with SAFE-ANIMAL is WARTA GOLDENA FOUNDATION.

We are glad to see it among SAFE-ANIMAL database enthusiasts and users. Here are a few interesting pieces of information about our new friends.

In August 2010 a group of friends (and golden retriever lovers) devoted to helping these beautiful and smart dogs came up with an idea for a totally new organization which would focus on helping these wonderful creatures. Our aim and sincere hope is to create a foundation that would draw on experience of many different adoption organizations, associations and foundations.

We want our FOUNDATION TO really BECOME WORTH THE GOLDEN (“Warta” means “worth” in Polish) – worth its love and devotion. We also wish to BE ON GUARD (“warta” also means “guard” in Polish) FOR THE GOLDEN - watch out for health and safety of all the "goldies" that faced cruelty. Unfortunately, increasingly often goldens - despite their noble nature and pedigree - are abandoned on sides of the roads, in the streets, bound to trees in forests, or given away to overcrowded and poor shelters.

We live in different parts of Poland and intend to reach to goldies in dire straits. Ultimately, we would like to find new homes for them. Before it can happen, though, we want them to fully recover in transition homes.

Creating Warta Goldena, we really hope that our organization and our discussion forum will serve not only for the benefit of golden retrievers, but also their carers, adoption homes, breed lovers, as well as those who know goldies only from movies and commercials - and would like to know them better, or perhaps even take one under their roof. We extend our warmest greetings with hope for many gatherings to come - not only on the web but also while walking the dogs together.

Warta Goldena Foundation is looking forward to meeting you.

Contact the foundation via email: Fundacja@wartagoldena.org.pl
Visit our website: wartagoldena.org.pl
Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fundacja-Warta-Goldena/163923536957827


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