Microchip producers' codes

Shelters and Foundations constantly find animals with chips unregistered in any database. Therefore we present a list with some microchip producers. The first digits always show the producer. If we can’t find the data in a database, we at least know who to contact to learn who that particular chip was sold to. Each producer or distributor should keep a sales register, where chip numbers supplied to a particular recipient would be noted.

941         FELIXCAN

947         BELCAM

956         TROVAN

968         AEG

972         PLANET ID

977         AVID

981         DATAMARS

982         ALLFLEX


953         CROMASA

967         EASY TRACK

Example number 953000005135189

A dog with this number is located in MEDOR Foundation in Zgierz. It hasn’t been registered in a database, which makes finding its owner impossible.

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