Łódź, 9 January 2009

On 8 Aug 2008 the Municipal Office joined the SAFE-ANIMAL International Database of Chipped Animals. The agreement meant we could transfer approx. 11,500 entries into the database. Thus, all the data from the Municipal Office in Łódź and Animal Shelter was transferred to EUROPEAN PET NETWORK in Brussels.

The whole system is a perfect way to reduce the problem of homelessness among animals and to professionally control data. The firm has fulfilled its contractual obligations in a professional manner. Therefore we recommend it as a reliable partner.   


Public Utilities Department,j,

PhD, Eng. Ewa Jasińska


Municipal Office in Łódź

ul. Piotrkowska 175

90-447 Łódź

phone (48) 042 638-49-12


Szczytno, 18 June 2008

In Szczytno SAFE-ANIMAL is running a dog identification program which consists of: delivering microchips and readers, providing free access to SAFE-ANIMAL database, and entering the data into EUROPETNET database in Brussels.  
The program has been running smoothly and without complications.

SAFE-ANIMAL has proved to be a reliable partner, able to fulfill all of its obligations. Therefore we fully recommend cooperation with this company.

Municipal Office in Szczytno
Ref. Krystyna Lis

Szczecin, 12 January 2009

On 1 April 2008 the Municipal Services Office in Szczecin, which runs a Shelter for Homeless Animals, signed an agreement with SAFE-ANIMAL. The contract provided for electronic identification of animals and granted rights to use the SAFE-ANIMAL software. As a result of this agreement, over 30,000 entries collected so far in micro chipping campaigns in Szczecin were entered into SAFE-ANIMAL database. Thus, SAFE-ANIMAL International Database helped us solve the problem of dog registration in a professional manner. What's more, the company covered all registration costs. Additionally, the program is continuously modernized and adjusted to meet our needs and suggestions. Company representatives are professional, dynamic, responsible and reliable. We can definitely recommend cooperation with SAFE-ANIMAL.

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