What is the Database?

SAFE-ANIMAL is an international collection of data about micro chipped animals. It's a perfect solution for registering marked animals and their owners.

SAFE-ANIMAL is the only animal database which cooperates with the largest Polish cities where animal microchipping programs are being carried out. (Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, Bytom, Szczecin). The agreements we've signed allowed us to incorporate local data into the national database.

We run the biggest and most up-to-date database in Poland.

Based on an agreement of 20 May 2007, SAFE-ANIMAL is a member of the European Pet Network in Brussels and regularly sends data to the European database of microchipped animals.

SAFE-ANIMAL database is registered with the national open register of personal information run by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GOIDO).

We cooperate with veterinarians who sign contracts with city councils to microchip pets free of charge.

Our pet identification campaigns have roused a lot of interest of municipal authorities, as well as helped release the details of micro chipped pets and their owners from local databases.

A survey conducted among animal lovers and public administration staff has shown that we are viewed as the top database in Poland.

What’s more, we are highly effective in finding pets abroad. So far we have successfully intervened in Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria and Belgium and France.

We provide complex solutions to electronic identification issues. We offer microchips, readers, prestigious SAFE-ANIMAL cards, carbon paper forms, silicon leash bands, posters, leaflets, gadgets and much more.

We support animal shelters - with the money we collect, we buy products for the needy animals.   

Our professional staff is able to quickly analyze and meet your changing needs.

With joint efforts, we reduce the problem of homeless pets.

SAFE-ANIMAL gives an instant access to all the data - you only need to log into the base via the Internet.


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