Statistically, thousands of pets are lost each year and most never reunite with their owners.

SAFE-ANIMAL is an international database and one of the only few databases registered with EUROPETNET. Registering your pet with SAFE-ANIMAL makes it a member of the European Union.

It is a mandatory legal requirement that your dog has to be microchipped and recorded in the current keeper's contact details on a government-compliant database such as SAFE-ANIMAL. Each pet’s microchip is totally unique just like a human fingerprint. Many other animal species including small mammals and birds can also be microchipped. It is advised to microchip pets to ensure their safety and the best chance to be reunited with its family if ever the worst happens and they are missing or stolen.

​As SAFE-ANIMAL database is registered with EUROPETNET. This means that if your beloved pet is ever lost or stolen, it has enormous chances of reuniting with its family if as the SAFE-ANIMAL network expands not only within the UK but also all across Europe. So everyone part of SAFE-ANIMAL is notified of lost/found pets over the app. However, it is effective only if you keep your contact details up to date in the database.


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