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Cookies are small text files that contain information such as: website address, time of its storage in browser's history and an ID. These files are saved on the User's device and enable the server to recognize them, which means that the website can be adjusted to the personal preferences of the User.

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies remain in the device's memory as long as the User is logged on the website or has the browser window open. Persistent cookies havea limited storage time which is defined within the cookie file.

Information contained in cookies can be used to track the history of user interaction with certain website functions and to gather reliable statistical data. This way, User's usage of the page can be identified, improved and quickened. The data contained in cookies is encoded; therefore no unauthorized party is able to access it.
It is possible to manually change cookies settings and delete them in the browser. Information about cookie files can be found in your browser's settings.

Please note that restricting cookie files can significantly influence the way the website operates for you. It can also lead to inability to use the website properly. Accepting cookie files is necessary for the tools on the website to work as intended.
Not changing the settings is treated as accepting cookie files on this website.


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