Dawid Samson's (Łódź) Story


My name's Dawid Samson and I am an owner of Max - a lost dog that was found after half a year!
It all happened a year ago when I was playing in the yard and talking to my neighbor, who also had a dog (female). My dog really liked playing with her - that was why my Mum let him go play with her without a leash. Something must have happened because Max wasn’t interested in her at all - he ran towards the park and escaped. My brother ran out of the house and we went together to the park, looking for Max. 
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him.
A month of daily searches passed and I'd lost all hope for finding my dog. I looked everywhere: all over the city and in shelters. I was hoping to see him walking with another owner and take him back.
It didn't happen, though.
June this year gentlemen from SAFE-ANIMAL contacted my Mother and told her that my dog had been found. She couldn't believe her ears. It turned out that some people took care of Max. During a check-up at a vet's they found out the dog had been chipped. They immediately checked the data in SAFE-ANIMAL and learnt that Max belonged to me. A year after his disappearance I saw him again in the park, where I met with a couple that had taken him in. When Max saw me, he started to whine and bark. I had never seen such an emotional reaction to my presence. Everyone cried that day. I did - because I had been waiting for that moment for a year. They cried as well - they had to say goodbye to Max. Max missed them for a couple of days, but now he's again his old, cheerful self.

Thank you so much to everybody - to the SAFE-ANIMAL database for registering dogs, to the couple for their care and returning my beloved Max.

Best regards,
Dawid Samson


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