We found our dog in Germany

From the journal of Towarzystawo Opieki nad Zwierzetami (Animal Welfare Association) in Szczecin.

1 May 2009 - Gdańska Street - old Nero who lost his job as a dog guard

We were contacted by Homeless Animals Shelter with a story of an employee of a well-known real estate company who came to the shelter to leave there a 9-year-old, medium sized mongrel named Nero.  

As a puppy, Nero charmed the janitor in that company, who promised to take care of him through thick and thin. He did not, however, keep his word. Now, the janitor doesn’t work in the company anymore, nobody knows where he is and surprisingly, nobody knows his personal information. For Nero, an old boy with no vigor, bad teeth, ugly hair and quiet bark, there was no room in the company. Not a single person was interested in his fate. The man who had brought Nero to the shelter said that the dog kept running away from the premises, causing problems; there was nobody to feed him and no place for a kennel where he could meet last day.

13 May 2009 

Today I tried to brush Nero's hair. It was hopeless, though. The hair was so tangled that we could only trim it really short. Thick and neglected hair was easy to take off the dog in almost one sheet. Nero needed a couple of thorough baths. Because we don’t have a bath or a shower Nero will be brought to a friendly dog beauty salon on Duńska Street, where he will be bathed.  

inspector Jagoda Tumielewicz  

15 May 2009 

Inspector Agnieszka Warzocha brought Nero to the dog beauty salon where he was bathed in medicinal shampoo and brushed. Nero patiently bore beauty treatments which took 1.5 hour. Exhausted, he was brought back to TOZ, walked a little while and had an after-dinner nap :))) Now he's clean and fragrant, but his skin proves that he hadn't been fed and treated properly.


21 May 2009 

Nero found adopted carers abroad, through a German foundation Canis Gratia. We hope he'll quickly find a new home.  


09 June 2009 

At 12:30 we were contacted by Ewa Bryd from the Shelter for Homeless Animals, who informed us that Nero had been found in Germany. We all remembered that Nero (who was a retiree) went to DT in Hamburg. Today he was taken for a stray dog and captured in Lüneburg near Hamburg and transported to an animal sheltered. There, he was scanned for microchips. The device helped establish the Polish origin of the dog, therefore SAFE-ANIMAL, Polish chip database, was immediately contacted. SAFE-ANIMAL consultant informed the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Szczecin that the dog was in Lüneburg, waiting for his owner. The shelter in Szczecin - knowing that the dog had been with us previously - assumed we must have given it for an international adoption. When I heard about Nero, I contacted Canis Gratia foundation (which adopted the dog) and informed that Nero was waiting in the shelter. The foundation contacted DT in Hamburg where Nero had been living for a while and learnt that the dog escaped during a walk. Volunteers decided not to inform the foundation about this event and wanted to look for the dog on their own. Nero will be taken from the shelter at 2.00 p.m. by Canis G. representative.

This situation illustrates how important it is to chip dogs. What's more, I was surprised at how many people were quick and willing to help Nero return to his carers. :))))

inspector Karolina Jurzysta


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