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Due to doubts among veterinarian, related to animal registration, we would like to highlight some important issues. Lack of access to information can result in registering animals in imperfect databases which, later on, collides with the very idea of electronic IDs for animals - as set forth in the EU directives or Brussels' European Pet Network priorities.

When chipping animals, professional registration in a database is of utmost importance. Currently Polish chip distributors and other organization create their own databases which allow to register the animals only locally. It means that the data is locked in one veterinary clinic or municipal office. This leads to further promotion of archaic solutions. As a result, there’s no central dog register and consequently - no chance to find a lost pet. Additionally, when the data is registered in a vet's database or other XYZ database without an instant access to the data, it means that many CHIPPED animals still can't go back home.

Only one system could help - it is SAFE-ANIMAL. A vet, pet owner or a shelter worker registers data in their computer and starts an instant procedure of sending the information to the Municipal Office, shelters, other vets, SAFE-ANIMAL International Database and Europetnet in Brussels. The moment data is entered into the database, it becomes available for everyone in Poland and Europe.

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