SAFE-ANIMAL ID card - it is issued for an entry registered in SAFE-ANIMAL.

The SAFE-ANIMAL card confirms that the animal has been chipped and registered in SAFE-ANIMAL International Database and Europetnet in Brussels. It is a perfect international ID for your animal, which enables it to travel in Poland and abroad. With a SAFE-ANIMAL card, Customs services and street wardens can verify pet and owner's details without a reader. If a pet gets lost in Poland or abroad, the card holder can immediately report it to the HOTLINE. The card contains owner's details, dog details, registration date, microchip number and veterinary clinic details.


  • A unique ID for your animal
  • Instantaneous access to pet, owner and vet's details
  • Lifelong confirmation of registering with SAFE-ANIMAL and EUROPETNET in Brussels
  • Immediate contact with HOTLINE
  • It can serve as a loyalty card at a veterinary clinic

Issuing fee for the holder - 40 PLN.

The quality of the card is similar to a regular credit card.


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