This is one of recent stories of dogs coming home.

Vienna - Austrian capital. The city sprawls across 400 square kilometers! It has 1,700,000 citizens! And our little hero is a 8-month old york named CZIKA.

On 7 Dec 2011 in Vienna our beloved Czika got lost. She was only 8 months old. My mum took her for a walk and Czika unexpectedly slipped from the leash when she got frightened by the noise of an excavator. My mum called me but I was in Poland. I didn’t know what to do. I started browsing the Internet. I remembered she had a microchip, so I instantly went to SAFE-ANIMAL website and registered the number. It took just a couple of seconds. Next day I read that SAFE-ANIMAL database workers help find lost animals so without thinking twice I picked the phone and called HOTLINE SOS - 505 350 900. I was instructed to report it on their website (at the bottom, on the right) and promised they would do everything they could to find Czika. That day I went to Vienna - I arrived there at night, the next day - 9 Dec 2011. We started looking for her. At midday I got a phone call from SAFE-ANIMAL workers saying that our doggy had been found. It was fantastic news. I hadn't expected that finding a dog abroad could be so quick. I was given a phone number and a name of the veterinarian to whom Czika had been brought. Dr Kopersteiner (phone 004319445944) called me and said she had just received my number from a database worker. We set up a meeting. I got on a train and was on my way. Now Czika is lying in her bed :) I am really grateful for help. If it hadn't been for the chip and quick response from SAFE-ANIMAL, we might not see her ever again. I encourage you to chip your pets and register them in the SAFE-ANIMAL database. It gives huge chances of finding them, even abroad :)

Many thanks to SAFE-ANIMAL workers for helping us find Czika :)

Regards, Nina Kał


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