What is a microchip?

Microchip is a miniature transmitter, powered by the energy of electromagnetic field of a reader. Radio wave with a coded chip number is sent to the scanner, where it is decoded and displayed as an ID number. Reading distance varies between 5 and 15 cm and depends mostly on the size of an antenna. Usually, the distance is no greater than 10 cm. Lifespan of such microchips is virtually unlimited.

The microchip (2.21 x 12 mm) consists of an electronic integrated circuit and a coil which serves as an antenna for the microchip. It is wholly coated with bio glass layer, which protects the integrated circuit from organic liquids that could damage it.

Polymer coating of the microchip additionally prevents unintended migration of the chip. The glass capsule is neutral for the organism, and each microchip is sterile. Injection is made with a disposable or reusable set which consists of a needle with a microchip and an injection syringe.

The microchip has its unique, 15-digit code. The first three digits indicate the manufacturer. In order to systematize and improve the electronic ID program, Poland was given an initial number of 616. However, the directive has not come into force yet.


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