Changing data in the register

Because we have been receiving an enormous number of emails from vets and owners with a request to edit the details, we’ve decided to meet your needs and offer an edit function.

Now vets and owners can change e.g. last rabies vaccination date or new owner details, such as phone number or address.

To change data in your entry, you don’t need to write or call SAFE-ANIMAL. You can simply log into your account. Just enter the REGISTER screen and click a symbol of a notepad with a pencil (to the right of the microchip number) - as indicated in the photo with a red circle. You will see an edit panel where you can enter new details and save changes - similarly to the first time you entered your data.

We wish you a pleasant experience with our website and are looking forward to further suggestions that will lead to improved performance of SAFE-ANIMAL International Database.

If you don’t want to update your details on your own, you can send a short email to

In the message, remember to include:

- your login

- microchip number

- data to be edited



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