I'd like to inform that commitment of kind people and SAFE-ANIMAL employees helped find the owner of a lost dog. 

On 25 Feb 2008 a woman came to my office. She had found a stray dog on the "Bielik" ferry. It was a young female, dachshund mongrel. Scanning revealed that the dog had been chipped. I entered the number into the search and found its details. Owner's details were hidden so I contacted HOTLINE on +48 505 350 900. Quickly and effectively a friendly lady helped me establish the address and phone number of the owner and the clinic where the dog had been chipped.
The woman who had found the dog went to the address the following day. It turned out that the dog lived on the right bank of Świnoujście, on the Wolin island. It must have fancied a ferry trip :) Unfortunately, it turned out its owner was a highly irresponsible alcoholic. He was more than glad to get rid of the dog for a small fee from the lady who brought it back but was already attached to the lovely dog :) 
All in all, there was a happy ending. 

Thanks again for help and professionalism of the employees!  

veterinarian Maciej Kolanek 

BrosVet Veterinary practice  
veterinarian Maciej Kolanek 
10a 11 listopada Street
72-600 Świnoujście


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