SAFE-ANIMAL database

SAFE-ANIMAL is an international collection of data about micro chipped animals. It's a perfect solution for registering micro chipped animals and their owners.

SAFE-ANIMAL is a guarantee of comprehensive animal micro chipping process

SAFE-ANIMAL database is registered in the national open register of personal information run by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO).

SAFE-ANIMAL gives instant access to all the data - you only need to log into the base via the Internet.

Based on the decision of 20 May 2007, SAFE-ANIMAL is a member of the European Pet Network in Brussels and regularly sends its data to the European database of micro chipped animals.


SAFE-ANIMAL cooperates with the largest cities in Poland where electronic ID campaigns have been launched.

If you issue animal passports... if you chip animals...

Offer your clients an increasingly popular, professional solution - registering the data in SAFE-ANIMAL.

Create an account and order microchips from your veterinary supplier, and you'll get extra:

- carbon registration forms

- silicon leash band with SAFE-ANIMAL contact info

- leaflets and posters advertising electronic chips for animals

Registration of an animal in SAFE-ANIMAL and EUROPETNET in free. Account access and registration of a clinic profile is also free of charge.

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