Where to inject microchips

The aim of this list is to present recommended injection zones, based on the anatomy of species.

The list presents all possible injection zones.

Electronic chip may only be injected by a vet who uses their expertise about health and treatment of animals and follows all sanitary measures.

Dogs and cats - throughout the world: subcutaneously, in dorsal line, between shoulder blades. In Europe - subcutaneously on the left side of the neck, in half the distance between the neck and shoulder blade.

Horses - intramuscularly into nuchal ligament, half the distance between ears and withers. Injection zone must be shaved.

Rodents - subcutaneously on the left side of the neck (unless the injection is to show gender, then females on the left, males on the right).

Elephants - subcutaneously on the left side of the tail in the upper part of tail fold.

Alpacas - subcutaneously on the left side of the neck or in the upper side of head, behind left ear.

Other mammals - if the distance between spine and the outer edge of the shoulder blade is grated than 17 cm (adult animal), chip should be injected subcutaneously near the left ear. If the distance is shorter than 17 cm, the chip should be injected between shoulder blades.

Amphibians - into lymph cavity. Injection spot must be sealed with tissue glue.

Birds - adult specimen over 5.5 kg and/or long-legged species - subcutaneously into the neck base. Specimen under 5.5 kg - intramuscularly into a left pectoral muscle. During the injection needle should be placed in such a manner that it wouldn't puncture the pectoral muscle. Use tissue glue after the procedure.

Ostrich and emu - ostriches subcutaneously on the left thigh. Emu - subcutaneously in the middle dorsal section.

Penguins and vultures - subcutaneously at the neck base.

Fish - over 30 cm - front base of the dorsal fin. Below 30 cm - on the left side of the body cavity.

Reptiles – on the left leg intramuscularly with tissue glue. Injection should be performed a couple weeks before hibernation, so that the injection spot could heal.

Crocodiles - subcutaneously in the back part of throat, under the tongue.

Snakes - subcutaneously on the left side of the neck, two head lengths from nostrils.

Primates in cages (zoo) - intramuscularly in the back side of left arm.

Big cats in cages (zoo) - shoulder - if the animal remains in one zoo where the injection spot is known to the employees.

Bats - subcutaneously in the dorsal section of rump.

Koala - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Opossum - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Anteater - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Lynx - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Rabbit - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Badger - subcutaneously between shoulder blades.

Giraffes - subcutaneously in the left arm.

Bison - subcutaneously on the left side of the neck.

Panda - intramuscularly into supraspinatus muscle.

Tapir - no precise directives or similarly to horses.


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