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Dogs and cats from countries where rabies is an endemic disease in urban areas (incl. Poland) can be brought to Switzerland only with a permit of Federal Veterinary Bureau in Switzerland. Animals must be vaccinated against rabies and according to legal regulations must be identifiable (by a tattoo or a microchip). It's also necessary to test rabies vaccine effectiveness. Blood samples for the test must be taken no sooner than 30 days after rabies vaccination and no later than 3 months before scheduled arrival in Switzerland. Antibody titer cannot be lower than 0.5 IU/ml.

Young animals that cannot meet the above mentioned conditions before they are 7 months because of the required rabies vaccination that would need to be taken before the animal is 3 months old, will not be admitted. Animals need to go through veterinary security, and if they fail to meet the required conditions, they will be returned to their country of origin.

Applications for a permit to transport dogs or cats into the territory of Switzerland should be sent no later than 3 weeks prior the scheduled arrival of the animal; by fax on 0041 (0)31 323 85 22 or electronically – e-mail: lor via post to the Federal Veterinary Bureau BVET/OVF/UFV/FVO Schwarzenburgstrasse 161, CH-3003 Berne.

Switzerland doesn’t admit dogs with corrected ears or tails. Exception is made for dogs belonging to persons outside Switzerland coming there on holiday or dogs brought there because their owner moves to Switzerland.

If you travel with your dog (cat or ferret) to another country, do contact a diplomatic agent of the desired country.


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