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First, animals must be micro chipped with a chip compliant with ISO 1784 norm or Annex A to ISO 11785 norm. If the chip is not compliant with any of these norms, the animal owner or carer must be prepared to read the microchip number at all times, i.e. have a reader.

Next, it must be vaccinated against rabies

After 1 month since the vaccination, a blood sample must be taken (a list of vets qualified to take blood samples from dogs, cats and ferrets to perform the rabies vaccination effectiveness test is available at a local medical-veterinary council. Lists of the qualified vets are available at - Polish National Veterinary Chamber) and sent for testing to an EU-approved laboratory.
The animal can enter the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland no sooner than after 6 months since the receipt of a positive result of the aforementioned test (i.e. at least 0.5 IU/ml of antibody titer).
Having received the result, the owner must visit a vet qualified do issue animal passports in order to obtain confirmation of all the above mentioned steps.
Additionally, 24-48 hours prior to departure, the animal must be dewormed and given anti-tick measures. These steps must also be confirmed in the animal's passport.
The animal can enter the territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland only via a route accepted by DEFRA, using services of an approved carrier (a list of routes and approved carriers can be found on ).
For an animal to be let into the UK, the order of the abovementioned steps must be strictly followed. If the animal is first vaccinated against rabies and only then chipped, the vaccination must be repeated after micro chipping procedure, but no sooner that 21 days after the last vaccination (for health reasons).

Journeys of dogs, cats and ferrets under 3 months without rabies vaccination from Poland to the UK are forbidden.



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