The microchip (2.21 x 12 mm) is made of an electronic integrated circuit and a coil which serves as an antenna for the microchip. It is wholly coated with bio glass layer, which protects the integrated circuit from potentially damaging organic liquids. Polymer coating on the microchip additionally prevents unintended migration of the chip. The glass capsule is neutral for the organism, and each microchip is sterile. Injection is made with a disposable or reusable set which consists of a needle with a microchip and an injection syringe.

SAFE-ANIMAL microchip is a dispensable product in a sterile blister pack. It can be used to ID dogs, cats, polecat-ferrets and horses. In the box, there are 12 or 25 injection syringes with microchips. Each packet is accompanied by 6 stickers with a microchip number.

All of our injection sets have needles with TRANSPONDER STOP system which prevents the needle from falling out of the transmitter. Additionally, it shortens the injection time because the plunger's length has been reduced, which facilitates application - it releases the transmitter in the final stage of pressing the plunger to the head of a syringe. Micro chipping is virtually painless and non-invading.


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