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First of all, the animal must be micro chipped with a chip compliant with ISO 1784 norm or Annex A to ISO 11785 norm or tattooed.

Next, it must be vaccinated against rabies, according to vaccine manufacturer's recommendations.

It must be tested for rabies vaccine effectiveness (positive result of the test is at least 0.5 IU/ml of antibody titer). The test must be carried out in a European Commission-approved laboratory on a blood sample taken 120-365 days after the most recent rabies vaccination. Samples taken before 120 days have passed since the most recent vaccination are not valid. A list of vets qualified to take blood samples from dogs, cats and ferrets to perform the aforementioned test are available at a local medical-veterinary council. Additionally, having received the result, the owner must visit a vet qualified do issue animal passports in order to obtain a passport.

The animal must be dewormed against Echinococcus spp. by a vet within 10 days before the scheduled journey. For deworming, an agent with praziquantel or epsiprantel is required.

All the above mentioned steps must be confirmed in the animal's passport.

More information is available on

or from the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture: +46-36-155000.

Journeys of dogs, cats and ferrets under 3 months without rabies vaccination from Poland to Sweden is forbidden.


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